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MARS DeFi Eco System Is Available For Allocation Only On Our Exclusive And Authorised E-Business Counter.

Pre-Booking of Mars Coin

Imagination of a digital asset which has an exponential value and phenomenal transitions in term of value is true when it resembles to Mars Coin. Having Mars coin glittering your personal wallet is like holding even more tight than gold which shall have a price which cannot be believed today.

There are many products of blockchains as tokens and currencies but adaptability of features of blockchain and utilisation purposefully to build an ecosystem which cannot be ended creates a value to an asset.

Mars coin receives the boost from the world's largest financial ecosystem. For 550 years globe has been trading different currencies in exchange of each other. Today! it has become the most powerful market in the world and even 10 top businesses are not able to complete it.

To take part in the world's most powerful market you should be able to accommodate you are electronic banking linked with your trading account. In this small story which sounds so easy, there are so many hassles and restrictions nationwide. This is where Mars coin and enters and makes your task easier than ever before. You buy Mars coin you have it in your wallet and at the time of transaction you can transfer your Mars Coin to the trading account and then you are done. You become a part of world largest financial market having turnover of 6.6 trillion dollars per day.

Having an extraordinarily strong backing with world's biggest energy telemetric project being researched and successfully executed Mars Coin has become one of the most prominent currencies in the world. Having said that extremely limited amount of mass coin is available for you to buy and hurt so minute by minute this set is becoming costly. So, the smart move would be to buy and hold your Mars coin today. Mars Coin is now coin of Mass.

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How to Get Started

Register and Verification

You are most welcome on the web portal. Instead you can download the Mars DeFI App from your mobile. You can register your credentials and identity. Once you are registered with us as a premium Mars Community. We shall take you up for verification with your email. Once you are verified, you are a part of our global telemetric system.

Download MARS Trust Wallet Application for Ethereum Address

Download Mars Trust Wallet from your mobile phone. Once you have the application being downloaded you can now secure your account and receive an Ethereum address in which you can hold Mars Coin. Please do not forget to backup your wallet through secured phrases and cases. You can also have a personal pin to secure the wallet. You will be the only owner of this wallet in the world and nobody else will have any kind of access to it. Please keep the password, secret phrases and your pin safe. Once you lose it there is no way you can access your account and can transfer your assets.

Buy Mars Coin through Personal Dashboard Access

Now once you have the application being downloaded on your mobile phone. You have now in Ethereum address to receive your asset i.e. Mars Coin. Now go to your dashboard and to buy the Asset click on buy. Follow the instructions by pasting your Ethereum address. Remember! You have to paste the same address which is in your Mars trust wallet/App. Enter the number of coins you want to buy and proceed for the next step. You will be able to see a QR code. You can scan that QR code to send Ethereum to the desired address. Do not forget to keep some amount of ethereum in your wallet in order to transfer your asset to any other wallet as there is an amount of gas phase which is charged against each transaction.

Stake , Hold or Transfer

Once you complete the Purchase process Mars Coin immediately gets reflected to your mobile wallet. You also receive a supporting email from the community to ensure that you are now our valuable member. You can now stake, hold or transfer your valuable asset. In case you used to stake your asset, you receive the yield on a per month basis which shall be credited on a daily basis. In case you hold your asset, you can immediately sell it at your desired price or when you feel you have received your profit. Transfer totally depends upon your choice and circumstances.

Hold Multiple Asset and Ethereum | Optimized transfer fee

You can hold multiple assets in this wallet. And you can hold the value of ethereum also in this wallet. Remember, you will be the sole owner of your asset and anyone else will not have any access to this wallet except you. Once you forget the phrase or password there is no other way to recover your asset. The moment you store any asset in the wallet community always confirms you that your asset is being stored in the wallet. In anticipation, we would like to share that with this premium asset you will be able to enter the world's biggest financial market. So please hold your Mars Coin because every coin I will pay you the highest yield in your lifetime.