I've been utilizing MARS Premium Account for the past 3years. Each exchange is firmly protected and consistently secure. I am utilizing net banking too versatile financial help it is utilized for cash move and re-energize only. There were no challenges confronted so far on utilizing this saving record. I am receiving per day credits in my account and I can withdraw them as per my convenience.

William Adams

I had money my father left with and I had no clue what to do with that. Expenses never stop and we must move on with something which brings money in the house. My cousin just told me about MARS with 40% credits on a per month basis. I was like “what the heck”. But I was tempted and started calculating my expenses. On the last day of the month I like to start with a small investment with a term plan of 20k GBP and I really waited for the next 30 days. I got my first credit in my bank and I was like wow, it works. After merely 150 days I started a big account of 1.3 Million GBP with them. I do not know what to say. They credited a kick back of 20% immediately. And I am yet receiving monthly credit also. Now I am planning to join them. I have applied for BRM with them. MARS should read this review. I should get a Job there.

Rose Bennet

My first start for MARS will be a responsive team and more than that a responsible business house. I had to convince my dad for a huge investment with a PFM firm in the USA. These people simply ignored my calls and mails. I was really pissed off and finally I had a bad word for all of them. Ultimately, I was not in the mood to initiate anything with My Fund People, but I was wrong. They are driven by their business ethics which says response to the customer. Till date I love their response and of course business is fair.

Roches Allen

I am working as a BRM with MARS and till date within two years I have rendered a business of almost 23 Million Euro. People who have taken a term plan have good ideas about this bank. They train us about the market and guide us to deal with the customer. They have insured me, and I have made a fortune with this bank. At least I drive my dream car and reside in my own house completely debt free.

Polmi Campbell

I had to start an institution for people with disabilities and this was rather a social work than being a commercial. A person sent me an email regarding leverage funding and finance from MARS. Mail was convincing but I was in zero state to go ahead. Finally, after getting distressed from major financial institutions I responded to the mail to MARS. I almost wept in the mail explaining what all happened to me and the next day a BRM named Barker fixed a meeting with me. I was like I was convinced with the deal but had lots of hitches to open an account in peer banking. Finally, I went to the church and in the name of the lord finally executed a deal. I have a school now for disabled people and I am really blessing these people for such a fantastic product. Very good concept of funding and finance. Thanks, MARS.

Chel Bailey

My company has their business account in MARS hence they have provided me a wholesale account also to all the employees. I have held this account for almost 2 years and It's convenient for using the net banking facility. I used to withdraw money. Their staff are very supportive. I am maintaining a minimum balance of $ 10000 USD. I had little difficulty understanding peer to peer banking but now I feel it is more convenient than a traditional one. I have saved a lot and have made a lot. Till date they are nice.

H Atkinson

MARS’s Presentation is good. Website is cool. They seem very well planned. UI is okay. Response to the mail is a little slow. I feel they should give more returns when they are dealing with peer to peer banking. They must be earning huge. So, I'm a little unsatisfied with their returns. Should be more than 40%.

Mr. Brown

I opened this record essentially to get my immediate stores into. MARS be that as it may, I have opened a financial balance, investment account, a Visa, and charge card with no shot at overdrawing this record. This was my first real financial balance without help from anyone else at 42 years of age. At the point when I say I can't overdraw my ledger; I imply that they front you cash until your next check comes in without being punished for doing as such. I likewise get my check a day ahead of schedule. Notwithstanding, when I was an impermanent at my employment, I got it 2 days ahead of schedule. So that relies upon your HR division at function also of MARS.

David Holmen

I was quite surprised by the facilities and amenities MARS was provided. To my knowledge there is no such way or provision where a Bank can make such returns to its customers. To my understanding it was wrong. I was sure that there was something fishy going on. Every coin has two faces and on the other side I was interested as greed was riding the fear. Finally, I started my personal investigation and met one of its business relationship managers. Explain to me in such a way that I got convinced and I said to myself I should start with a little amount. I started with 500 Dollars. When I received my credits per month with proper banking facilities I was motivated to invest more. I opened a premium account with 50000 dollars. I was shocked with the honesty. MARS simply refunded 20% of the amount in my account immediately and started a kickback. Wonderful experience till date and I wish Global banks should be like this.

David Hoffman

Close to 1 year, I am holding this MARS premium account and the most interesting part about this account is that I can easily transact, and I can withdraw money from anywhere without any charges. I have their debit card also which I am using worldwide. They gave me around 38% last year. So, no bad till date.

Peter Anderson

I am not yet a customer of MARS. Peer to peer banking is the future of the World and one must accept that this will drive the world. If you have actual and genuine sources to generate income you can surely generate and give so your business will run like anything. They really have brains to drive the profit on their side. But I am concerned that they should be planning for the future also.

Celsius Chapman