Bernard Bigot was a unique man and a powerful scientist who for the first time discovered the project MARS- Massive Automatic Restoration System. This huge energy project was under the thought process of Mr. Bigot when he was young and was escalating in his research.

When a group of colleagues who were visionary scientists and people with tremendous potential joined hands with him. Among them, the leading name is Keith Emery, Bill Tumas, L. Mahalingam, and B Philip another group of researchers who started off the fresh journey of energy telemetric system that can change the Traveling chemistry of the world.

Lithium element stands as the world's biggest hope for battery-operated vehicles and other machines. From smartphones to two of the world's fastest battery-operated vehicles Lithium has been used as the most common element in making conventional batteries. Now, Telemetry systems are an alternative method of transmitting data from the rotating assembly to the stationary data acquisition system. Basic telemetry systems consist of a modulator, a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), and a power supply for the strain gauge bridge.

Massive Lithium Telemetric Energy on MARS Planet

Lithium focuses and isotope proportions of a set-up of Martian shooting stars including all suitable lithologies show moderate variety in Li overflows (1.9-8.0 ppm), yet a shockingly enormous spread of δ7Li (- 0.9 to 6.2‰) surpassing that of normal earthbound basalts. There is no efficient contrast in δ7Li among shergottites and nakhlites, while Li items are higher in the last option. Relatively significant mesostasis in nakhlites conveys huge measures of Li, yet without a perceivable effect on δ7Li. A solid straight and positive connection of δ7Li and mg# in nakhlites (r2=0.99) recommends that the magmatic separation processes are fundamentally answerable for the Li isotope fluctuation and that nakhlites might be co-hereditary (or magmatic separation follows a single familiar way for nakhlites Mars-wide). Artificially different ultramafic lithologies (ALH 77005, Chassigny, NWA 2737) have indistinguishable δ7Li =4.0‰, embraced as the reference an incentive for the Martian mantle. Leachates (H2O, HCl) of nakhlite NWA 817 (~15% mesostasis) have δ7Li that are indistinct from the entire stone. This further obliges the accepted presence of water on Mars and takes into account just the vaporous presence of surface fluid water which would have in any case grown high δ7Li in these examples. The uniform and somewhat heavier δ7Li of the Martian mantle contrasted with that of the Earth might suggest the presence of resolvable outspread heterogeneity of δ7Li with expanding heliocentric distance in the early Solar System. Whether this distinction starts from the underlying heterogeneous appropriation of Li isotopes in the early Solar cloud or is connected with specific geochemical properties of Li is hazy. Notwithstanding, resolvable δ7Li contrasts between the Earth and Moon could be made sense of by simpler 6Li misfortune from disintegrated Earth's mantle promptly following the Moon-forming Giant Impact. An elective situation infers special obliteration of less steady 6Li in the early Solar System.

Research Base

The fusion of the energy with ions of lithium of MARS planet has the highest longevity in the entire solar system. The reason behind this is the composition of lithium in a pressurized environment with a one billion-year-old magnetic compression core.

It’s an obvious fact that MARS research and its enhancements in battery qualities will characterize the potential applications and time-to-market of both fixed-and VTOL/STOL electric aircraft engine.

Two little retrofitted airplanes have been effectively tested utilizing the present MARS batteries, with around 350-570 Watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) of explicit energy. Numerous industry chiefs recommend an energy thickness of around 350 or 400 Wh/kg is vital for the business to arise truly.

So, among the most successful research in the World for which various crowdfunding processes have been done amongst which tesla is the biggest example. MARS is one if them having an authentic and genuine project base sealed with enormous successful tests and experiments now ready to get exhibited around the Globe. MARS is motivated originally by its maiden name MASSIVE AUTOMATIC RESTORATION SYSTEM and now with our holy red planet MARS.